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1. On-Boarding

Starting the engagement off right with the right game plan and expectations inline

2. Outreach

Aim and paint the right targets using the latest tools and cadence flows for best results

3. SQL Meetings

Getting you Sales Qualified Leads whom are interested in your product and ready


Optimize the Proof of Concept/Proof of Value stage to let your product shine

5. New Booking

Best part of the process! New customers/logos, new bookings and increased revenue!

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Some Words From Our Clients

It did not take long for me to see Tony’s impact when we had an opportunity to work together. From our initial conversations, Tony was quick to capture the mind share at the highest levels from our partners and potential partners.

Neal S., GlobalMed

Tony has the unique ability to build key partnerships and alliances that support and enhance the strategic direction of his organization. He was very knowledgeable of Microsoft solutions and the synergies that together the healthcare (specifically telehealth) industry could capitalize on together.

Christine R., Microsoft

I had the opportunity to formally engage with Tony as a Business development consultant helping us execute on our GTM and Business development strategy in 2018. Tony was effective in helping our company capture Voice of Customers and Partners through several key meaningful engagements with Prospects, and strategic GTM and tech Alliance partners. Tony brings a unique 360 view of the cybersecurity market and the vendor landscape. He has a good understanding of the customer’s challenges as they continue their journey to the public cloud. During this time Tony provided a valuable contribution to the Avid team. Tony has a well nurtured trusted circle of influence within the Tech and Cybersecurity market space. He is well respected but his peers in the industry and decisions makers. I highly recommend Tony.

Nikhil G. , Sophos (Avid Secure)

As the CEO of Adeya I sought out HCV based on a referral. I had heard of Tony and his ability to quickly build a trusted bridge with strategic partners like Microsoft and Cisco. I was very impressed with his speed, reach and ability to think outside of the box. HCV quickly connected all the right dots to formulate and execute on a strategic plan for us. Any startup needing help to define and accelerate their GTM and Channel strategy should immediately consider engaging with Tony and HCV They offer a unique Know Who, Know How and Know When to build the right connections leveraging the their Trusted Network particularly in a crowded Cybersecurity landscape.

Angus M. , Adeya
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