Product Brief:

Demos on Demand is a streaming video platform built specifically for use in tech verticals. The service provided by Demos on Demand includes the production of video content (“Content Produced”), use of the Demos on Demand video platform which includes tools for distribution of content, analytics and reporting tools, video syndication technology, integration components, a self service platform, and other considerations such as:

 Analytics and Reporting 

The Demos on Demand reporting and analytics engine can be made available to users within the Client organization and to channel partners. It reports viewing activity for content deployed via the various methods enabled by the platform. 

Channel Program 

Demos on Demand can enable the provision of subscriber content to partners for use on their Web sites and for distribution via DemoMail. Video Microsites or Video Pages can also be provided to partners for integration into their Web sites, where they act as a lead generations and sales enablement resource. 

Self Service Platform 

Demos on Demand can provide online tools to enable provisioning of subscriber produced video content into the platform for distribution using the various tools provided as part of the service, with analytics that measure and report viewing activity. 

The Demos on Demand platform has helped: VMware, McAfee, HPE, Aruba, Ruckus, Dell EMC, Barracuda, SonicWall, Fortinet, Gigamon, Trend Micro, FireEye, IBM Security—and many others.

Platform Snapshot

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Watch the Demos on Demand Demo:

Demos-on-Demand Demo

Demos on Demand Platform

  • Lead Gen
  • Sales Support
  • Reference for sales
  • Automating knowledge transfer
  • Full video analytics to know who/what/when/where
Analytics: Who Viewed 100%
Analytics: What they viewed 100%
Analytics: How long they viewed it 100%
Analytics: GEO location of where they viewed it 100%

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