Product Brief:

DuploCloud is a DevOps Robot. It is the subject matter expert in digital form. It is not a DevOps tool that requires a cloud expert to operate, but instead it is the cloud expert itself. The robot has a resume with over 500 skills that include AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Security and IOT among others. It allows users to build applications via a simple declarative interface and not have to deal with low level infrastructure details like VPC, security groups, IAM, Jenkins setup etc. These constructs are still in play, but Duplo software abstracts it away for you by auto-generating the configuration based on application needs.

DuploCloud is a single tenant software that installs in your cloud account. Users interface with software via the browser UI and/or API calls and all data and configuration stays within your cloud account. All configurations that have been created and applied by the software are transparently available to be reviewed and edited in your cloud account. Essentially, the software auto-generates the same automation scripts that a human being would have written manually.

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One unified platform for all your DevSecOps needs

  • Hyper-converged DevOps that includes everything from network, compute, storage, containers to cloud native services and CI/CD
  • Controls natively integrated into DevOps workflows. Out of box and Continuous compliance for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC2 and GDPR
  • Migrate On-premise to Cloud or Cloud to Cloud seamlessly. Unique data migration techniques to minimize downtime
  • Seamlessly build and operate applications on the edge as if it were a cloud instance with same automation, security and compliance controls
No-Code DevOps Automation 100%
Built-in Security & Compliance 100%
Frictionless Cloud Migration 100%
Build & Deploy Apps on the Edge 100%

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