Product Brief:

Rolebot is an AI-Powered outbound hiring engine that turns passive hires into active hires and it does so at dramatically reduced cost (the sourcing is completely free!). There is no longer need for job descriptions, posting jobs opening on job boards and paying expensive recruiters. Rolebot does it all for you at a fraction of the cost.

What if the recruitment process began at the interview?

With Rolebot it can!

The Rolebot Way of Hiring:

Rolebot’s Key Value Propositions:

  • Empowers you to start the recruitment process at the 1st interview.
  • Eliminate all laborious sourcing & engagement efforts
  • Free up bandwidth for your recruiters (and/or hiring managers)
  • Offers Automated Interview scheduling
  • Job description not required
  • Guaranteed Diversity across all roles

Hiring the Smart Way, the Rolebot Way:

  • No Placement Fees:
    • Only pay for accepted and confirmed interviews
  • Free Trial:
    • 1st interview is free, evaluate ROI before making any commitment
  • Significant ROI:
    • Dramatically reduce cost of hire to under $1000/hire regardless of the role
  • Solid Success Stat:
    • Most customers make 1 hire within 5 interviews
  • Proven Platform:
    • Customers include: Yelp, ADP, Cornerstone OnDemand, USC, Dentsu, Aegis, GoodRx and Techstars

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