Product Brief:

Airwall is the zero-trust software-defined perimeter for all your things: multi-factor authenticated, micro-segmented, encrypted end-to-end, & impervious to lateral movement.

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Tempered intro by CEO, Jeff Hussey

Airwall intro by Bryan Skene

Tempered Use Cases:

Airwall Conductor

  • simple point-and-click segmentation.
  • add or revoke connectivity and access simply and easily.
    data and control planes are decoupled (no traffic flows through Conductor).
  • eliminates need for complex management of keys/certificates, revocation lists, or shared secrets to control access.
  • much simpler audits of one system.

Airwall Relay

  • route outbound-only connections across all networks and transport options, without modifying the underlying network.
  • connect private and previously unrouteable IP addresses.
  • eliminate the need for public IP addresses.
  • reduce inbound firewall rules.
  • network access for employees, vendors, partners from anywhere in the world.
  • preserve transport layer connections anywhere in the world regardless of devices changing IP addresses.

Airwall Gateway

  • deployed in front of devices or hosts that cannot protect themselves.
  • physical Gateways have built-in Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular, as well as Serial-over IP for connectivity options.
  • virtual and cloud gateways instantly connect, protect, segment, move, failover, and disconnect any private or public cloud-based workloads anywhere in the world.
  • organizations no longer need to deploy and maintain separate networking and security policies for on-premises or cloud-based.

Airwall Agent

  • give managed devices a trusted and verifiable identity with secure access, networking, mobility, and segmentation.
  • trust-based client segmentation, granular access control, encryption everywhere, and auditing is now possible in both static and dynamic IP environments.
  • enable or revoke trust in a one-click operation, ensuring network visibility and access to whitelisted devices.
  • explicitly define resources that a device or group of devices can and cannot access.

Airwall Server

  • completely cloak a server itself, so only authenticated and authorized endpoints discover and communicate with it.
  • enable software-defined segmentation, and encryption at the server level, and effectively enforce a perimeter of one.

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