Supporting Innovators is our specialty. Think of HCV as your GTM career coach !

At HCV we provide early stage startups and SMB’s GTM Strategy & Advisory, Business Development, Fractional sales and channel executive as well as post Covid19 era sales and marketing strategy services. Each of these services expands to provide our Clients with only the services they need, when they need it the most:

  • Analyze your product vs. market fit, check for market competitiveness and create a path to either leap-frog, pivot or build a lateral market expansion
  • Deliver proven KPI driven Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) to enable deal acceleration, speed to POC/POV gate and help with the deal closure
  • Enhance your cybersecurity sales team or add executive channel and technology alliances expertise
  • Add seamless cybersecurity sales overlay and/or on-demand subject matter expertise (SME) to your team
  • Catapult your startup forward though successful OEM, white-label, Co-sell or sell-thru partnerships with Tier 1 partners globally

In the Post Covid19-ERA, HCV offers solutions to solve your sales and marketing challenges suffering from WFH and Shelter-In-Place ordinances. Your traditional sales teams can’t wine & dine their potential leads any more. Can they ?

Let us show you how multichannel digital marketing with a proven digital event strategy powered by video based sales enablement and acceleration platform can rapidly increase your sales pipeline and surpass your revenue targets. 

Not all “Leads” are created equal! HCV’s provides you Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)!

What do cybersecurity Buyers need? They need trusted partners and advisors to help them choose proven cybersecurity strategies and solutions.

HCV provides cybersecurity consulting and trusted advisory services to our network of Buyers.  We can optimize your security strategy applying a Defeat-by-Design model vs. an archaic Defense-in-Depth (DiD) model. DiD has surpassed its effectiveness as a mitigating cybersecurity strategy against advanced persistent threats and resourceful adversaries. Stop wasting time, scarce resources and dollars implementing ineffective layers of technologies and products.  Let HCV help you select the right cybersecurity innovator amidst a very crowded space of me-too cybersecurity vendors offering the right matching solution.

  • Navigate you through the noise and help you avoid “Cybersecurity Vendor Fatigue” syndrome
  • Define pragmatic success criteria to eliminate wasteful POCs and focus on effective Proof of Value (POV)
  • Solve for intersection of Cybersecurity and your business e.g. Healthcare, Telemedicine, IOT, MIOT, ICS,  FinTech and DevOps

At HCV, we have helped our clients (Buyers) assess, select and deploy many of they following solutions:

  • Zero-Trust models for Network and Identity Access, Data, Devices, and Applications (i.e. ZTNA, SDP, SASE)
  • Password-less, MFA and Behavioral Authentication
  • Data Protection strategy and solutions i.e. DLP, IRM/DRM, CASB, Encryption
  • Assess quantum-resistant solutions for the quantum computing era
  • Predictive Threat Intelligence
  • Autonomous Deception Technology
  • Security Performance Monitoring (SPM)
  • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)
  • DevOps / DevSecOps Automation solutions
  • Intelligent SOC vs.  SOC-as-a-Service.
  • AI enabled Threat Hunting and Response solutions
  • Access to a Trusted Team of experts offering timely and cost effective Risk Assessment, Pentesting and Gap Mitigation services.

Are you a CISO looking to have someone else do the heavy lifting on your next strategic purchase? HCV team would love to help. 

Establishing a new Channel Partner that will sell your product is as strategic for you as it is for them. It’s not just about finding an empty “slot” to add your products to !

At HCV, we know how to build win-win partnerships for growing channel revenue. We create partnerships that are both strategic and provide strong alliances. Given our trusted relationships with global channels and partners, we can enable a trusted bridge between both parties.

  • On the channel revenue side, we optimize the channel strategy and execution plan, recruit and enable the channel partners all to accelerate channel sales and revenue growth.
  • When making strategic alliances and technology partnerships, we execute against a defined plan to speedup meaningful  partnership for leveraging co-sell & sell-thru models all the while establishing technology partnerships, white-label / OEM contract with Tier 1 players.
  • HCV has equally helped VARS, MSPs MSSPs pick the winning innovators amongst the noise and the pool of the “me-too” technology builders. They have trusted HCV to help establish new lines of revenue through complementing solutions to optimize the line cards.

Building strategic channel partnerships is strategic for both parties! Simply stated, it must be a two-way Bridge.

One of the many reasons our Trusted Human Bridge Network is such a powerful platform to our clients is the access we provide to Trusted Experts.

HCV’s Trusted Human Bridge Network is reputational referral platform than provides access to:

  • Fractional sales, marketing and channel executives, CTOs and solution architects
  • Cybersecurity experts to fill the 3.5+ million talent gap in the market 
  • Industry analyst and technology evangelist and seasoned copywriter and technical writers
  • Legal experts to help with IP protection,  Partnership / OEM agreements and contract negotiations
  • Developers, engineers, and UX designers
  • Demand generations and social media experts
  • M&A Experts, Angels, Early Startup focused VCs, Seed Funds, Equity-Based Crowdfunding Platforms
  • Startup focused CPA and Accounting Services
  • Technology and Board Advisors
  • Executive Coaches

In the game of business, “who you know” (your network) is a as critical as “What are you known for” (your reputation/trust). Let HCV connect you to the Trusted Experts you need to make business thrive!

HCV does not have in-house Brokers, however we have trusted connections and access to enable a strategic partnership between you and the right investors.

If you are an innovator we can help you with: 

  • Funding advisory/consulting
  • Advocate on your behalf and connect you with the right investors: Angels, PEs, Seed Funds, VC, Strategic/Corporate Ventures, Investment Bankers, etc
  • vertically focused investors in healthcare, Cybersecurity and FinTech.
  • HCV can also help you plan your Strategic Exit and M&A roadmap

In parallel,HCV has been working closely with investors, hedge funds, private family investment firms and angels. We have helped analyze Information Technology, Cloud, IOT, Telemedicine & MIOT markets amongst others to optimize their investment deal flow and market positioning.

If you are an investor, we can help you with:

  • Consulting/ Market Research in cybersecurity, telemedicine, IOT / MIOT
  • Competitive landscape and analysis on cybersecurity industry
  • Optimize and increase Deal Flow

If you need to get funding, getting the RIGHT funding can make or break your business! If you are investors and looking to invest, investing in the RIGHT company is critical for your ROI! HCV can assist you both! Give us a call!

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Sample of our Cybersecurity Portfolio!

DoD presents in depth product info that assists buyers by showing what the product is, what it does, and how it does it

More coming soon


Flying Cloud Technology provides innovative data defense solutions


SecLytics  provides the only Predictive Threat Intelligence Platform on the market.

StrikeReady is a startup currently in stealth mode

TrustMapp gives CISOs a real-time view of their cybersecurity performance.

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